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Taps and Dies, Thread Gauges from Engineering Supplies

Supplier of engineering tooling including gauges and threading tools to machine shops, model engineer and on-site engineers delivering products worldwide. Vast stock for same day dispatch is available and unlisted special thread gauges, taps and dies can be manufactured to your requirements.

We offer products that include all of the standard tooling and also supply stock items that are by some considered to be specials

Popular products are:


Our customers which include major engineering companies within the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Petrochemical industries.

We supply a wide range of thread taps and dies, screw thread plug gauges, screw ring thread gauges, thread caliper gauges, thread repair kits and slip gauge sets

Our range includes Metric Coarse and Fine, UNC, UNF, UNS, BSF, BSW, BA and BSP, together with Taper Gauges NPT, NPTF and BSPT. Many of these gauges are readily available from stock. Custom gauges can be manufactured on request.

We can also manufacture to order plain plug and ring gauges


Taps and Dies

Taps and dies are cutting tools used to cut screw threads on mating components, which is called threading A threading tap is used to cut the female thread for example in a nut and a threading die is used to cut the male thread for example on a bolt The cutting of threads using a tap is called tapping and the process using a die is called threading. Both tools can be used to create new and clean up existing damaged threads Dies are usually used in a die stock by hand but can also be used on a machine for example a centre lathe Taps are available as hand taps or machine taps.

Thread Plug Gauges

Go / No-Go plug and ring gauges are used as a quality check for the inspection of plain or threaded mating components The gauge is used to check the machined components against its specified drawing tolerances The specified gauge is used to check to ensure interchangeably of and the performance of manufactured parts The Go / No-Go gauge is a tool that does not return a size but instead returns a state of condition. Which is either acceptable and the part is within its specified tolerance or it is unacceptable and would be rejected.

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