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Boxed TWT Tap & Die Sets

Boxed TWT Tap & Die Sets BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, Metric HSS boxed tap and die sets
Hand taps and Dies used for producing a thread either external (bolt) or internal (nut)
BSW / BSF Boxed Tap and Die Carbon Steel Set
  • 45 Piece Taps and Dies Sets
  • Part Number ES-14743
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£181.89 + VAT
BSW and BSF HSS Boxed tap and die 45pc set
  • Taps and Dies Set HSS
  • Part Number ES-2581
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£474.81 + VAT
M1 - M2.5 Miniature Metric Tap Die Set
  • Mini tap & die set
  • Part Number ES-14796
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£80.40 + VAT
M2.5 - M12 Metric Taps and Drills HSS boxed set 18PC sets
  • 1 piece each HSS tap, second lead and tapping drill for each size. Supplied in metal case
  • Part Number ES-2823
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£82.39 + VAT
M3 - M12 Boxed Metric Tap and Die HSS Serial 32 Pc. Set
  • ISO 529 tap boxed sets (bottom, second, taper) in Sizes:
  • Part Number ES-1660
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£108.71 + VAT
M3 - M12 Metric HSS boxed Tap 21pc. Set
  • 1 piece each High Speed Steel taps bottom, second, taper
  • Part Number ES-2825
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£120.77 + VAT
M3 - M12 Metric serial HSS metal 29 piece boxed tap and drill set
  • Set includes: One serial tap set of each size
  • Part Number ES-7559
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£132.01 + VAT
M3 - M20.Metric HSS Taps and Dies 56pc Set
  • 56 piece boxed Serial Tap and Die Sets
  • Part Number ES-2826
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£401.96 + VAT
M6 - M24 HSS Metric Coarse & Metric Fine Taps & Dies Set 45 pc.
  • 45 piece boxed set in High Speed Steel includes:
  • Part Number ES-5191
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£493.80 + VAT
M6 - M24 Metric Coarse and Fine Taps & Dies Set Alloy Steel 45 pc.
  • 45 piece boxed set in High quality carbon steel includes:
  • Part Number ES-5190
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£180.89 + VAT
Metric, UNC and UNF boxed Taps and Dies 60pc. Set HSS
  • Tap and Die Sets includes
  • Part Number ES-2828
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£337.65 + VAT
UNC and UNF Taps and Dies boxed 45pc. Set HSS
  • 45 pc. high speed steel Tap and Die set
  • Part Number ES-2827
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£470.28 + VAT

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