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UNC Wire Inserts

UNC Wire Inserts Free Running Inserts UNC V-Coil Wire Insert Thread Repair Kits Compatible with all leading brands Stainless Steel Inserts supplied in the kits Produced from precision profiled austenitic stainless steel wire wound into a helical spiral, free running inserts have a spring like appearance. When installed using any one of a variety of manual or automatic tools they provide strong permanent internal threads which resist heat and corrosion. Once fitted their position is maintained by the action of radial pressure between their coils and the flanks of the tapped hole. This pressure exists because their free diameter is larger, by a calculated amount, than their installed diameter.
1.1/2" x 6 UNC Helical wire inserts 304 Stainless 5pcs Length options: 1.5 Diameter
  • 1.1/2"x6 UNC Thread repair inserts Manufacturer: V-Coil
  • Part Number ES-12754
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£39.60 + VAT
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